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MT4 Point Of Interest Indicator is a smart money indicator that helps to draw POI Box & 50% Fib easily. Let’s dive into the intricacies of the POI Indicator specifically tailored for MT4 charts and see how it can bolster trading tactics.

Every trader knows the importance of recognizing significant points of interest (POI) on a trading chart. These POIs, like order blocks and fair value gaps, are pivotal in formulating trading strategies. However, marking them manually on a chart can be a tedious process. Enter the revolutionary POI Indicator with its built-in 50% Fibonacci level – a tool that doesn’t just simplify the process but makes it smarter.

The ‘Smart Money’ POI Indicator brings a touch of innovation to the trading world. It lets you manually place a highlight box on any point of interest, whether order blocks or fair value gaps. The magic begins when it automatically sets a 50% Fibonacci level line for that POI. Besides, it provides alerts in various forms – popup, push, and email – either when the price touches the outline of the POI box or surpasses it or when the price meets the 50% Fibonacci line.

Key Features of POI Indicator

  1. Manual Highlighting with Convenience: Add a POI Box to any MT4 chart using the backslash ( \ ) key. A sheer touch of simplicity to a task that was once cumbersome.
  2. Automated 50% Fibonacci Line: The indicator discerns the midpoint or the 50% level of any POI you highlight, eliminating guesswork and ensuring precision.
  3. Instant Alerts: Be it the touch of the POI box outline, surpassing the box, or reaching the 50% Fibonacci line, the system ensures you never miss an alert through popups, push notifications, and emails.

This Smart Money Indicator isn’t a standalone trading indicator System. Still, it can be very useful for your trading as additional chart analysis, to find trade exit position(TP/SL), and more. While traders of all experience levels can use this system, practicing trading on an MT4 demo account can be beneficial until you become consistent and confident enough to go live. You can open a real or demo trading account with most Forex brokers.

POI Indicator FREE Download
Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

The Significance of the 50% (Equilibrium) Line

For any seasoned ‘smart money’ trader, the significance of the 50% equilibrium line is paramount. A robust order block or fair value gap (FVG) shouldn’t be breached at this 50% mark. Thus, trade entries are ideally situated between the opening and the 50% level of the POI. Recognizing this, the POI Indicator simplifies the marking process, making it almost effortless.

Before this tool, traders would often find themselves in a loop:

  • Adding a box to a POI to emphasize it.
  • Using the Fibonacci tool over the box to determine the midpoint.
  • Marking the 50% Fibonacci level with a distinct horizontal line.
  • Deleting the Fibonacci tool for clarity.
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But now, with the POI Box and 50% Fib indicator, all these steps amalgamate into a fluid, couple-step process, saving time and ensuring precision.

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How to Use MT4 Point Of Interest Indicator

Using the MT4 Point Of Interest Indicator is straightforward:

  1. Click anywhere on the MT4 chart.
  2. Press the backslash ( \ ) key.
  3. A new POI box will manifest at your chosen location. Drag it to your desired POI and adjust its dimensions.
  4. The indicator then automatically configures the 50% Fibonacci line, also showcasing the price on the chart’s right side.
  5. Highlight multiple POIs by adding multiple boxes, making your chart a canvas of smart trading decisions.
Input Parameters
MT4 POI Indicator FREE Download
  • Fib Color – Select the color of your choice
  • Fib Line Style – Select the style of the Fib line (solid, dot, etc.)
  • Fib Width – Select the width of the Fib line
  • Height – Select the default height of the POI Box
  • Bar Count – Select the default length of the POI Box
  • Rectangle Color – Select the color of your choice
  • Style of Rectangle Lines – Select the style of the rectangle line (solid, dot, etc.)
  • Width of Rectangle Lines – Select the width of the rectangle line
  • Filling the rectangle with color – Select true or false
  • Background Rectangle – Select true or false
  • Highlight to move – True or false (select true to have default POI box moveable)
  • Hidden in the Object list – Select true or false
  • Priority for mouse click – Leave set to 0
  • Draw an initial Rectangle – Automatically adds a rectangle if set to 1
  • Popup Alert – Alert will trigger the popup window and an alert sound
  • Push Alert – Alert will trigger a message sent to your cell phone
  • Email Alert – Alert will trigger a message sent to your email address
  • Touch Box Outline – Alert triggers on the price touching the rectangle outline
  • Touch Fib Outline – Alert triggers on the price touching the 50% Fib line.
Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download


In conclusion, the POI Indicator with 50% Fibonacci Level is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. By combining manual flexibility with automated precision, it stands as an invaluable asset for every ‘smart money’ trader out there.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download