ForexCracked is designed exclusively to provide high-quality information to forex traders. The website is embedded in the daily routine of over 20K traders and attracts over 40k new traders every month. Advertising to this audience is made easy via

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We offer exact fair pricing to every customer. There’s absolutely no deviation from one customer to another, ensuring all advertisers are paying the lowest available rate.

Website Traffic

New Users45K
SessionsPageviews      1.16M
Mobile traffic41%
Google Analytics Stats, August 2022

Visits by Subcontinent

Southeast Asia20.7%
Southern Asia12.9%
Southern Africa12.8%
Northern America9.8%
Western Europe6.7%
Southern Europe4.6%
Western Africa4.6%
Northern Europe4.4%
South America4.3%
Eastern Africa3.7%
Google Analytics Stats, August 2022

Header Ad

It’s the first thing trader’s attention goes to when visiting our site, and it’s shown on every page of our site, including on mobile; it has an excellent engagement because of this.

  • 250K+ Monthly Impressions

Grid Ad

Its shows in the middle of the posts list on the home page and other archive pages, plus the search page. (that includes all of those mobile pages too)

  • 250K+ Monthly Impressions

Anchor Ad

It’s shown at the bottom of every page of our site at all times. So it’s at users’ attention at all times when browsing our website, and it has an excellent engagement because of this. The banner sizes and positioning are optimized for both desktop and mobile views.

  • 250K+ Monthly Impressions

Article middle Ad

It shows in the beginning and middle of every article content, including mobile.

  • 150K+ Monthly Impressions

Its shows in all of article’s sidebars except on mobile.

  • 150K+ Monthly Impressions

Pop-up Ad

The POP-Up ad, also called an Interstitial Ad, is a full-page modal that displays between a select number of pages on all devices. As ForexCracked most visible placement, the Interstitial is also optimized for user experience. This delicate balance between advertiser and user elegantly positions the Interstitial for both brand awareness and bottom-line results.

We Do Not Accept guest posts.

On-Going Deals

  • Grid Ad + Sidebar Ad 20% Discount
  • Anchor Ad for the USA and UK are available for 80% off
  • Header ad Available for 15% OFF

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