USOIL weekly Market overview by ForexCracked on

USOIL analysis each and every time gonna reach this 20 level gonna be an important support area and we had a nice bounce from that level ,I mean 20’s is a very old good number we need to go back all the way toward areas around 2001 to see such a price level so that’s why it was a critical area here

so BUY each and every dip toward this area because the risk and reward is amazing. we’ve got a nice trade on this first bounce from 20 we’ve got a correction and continuation now we are trading at around the 30 which is a key structure level at the moment because we have a structure usoil analysis
area here as far as there is no break above it. you may get one more leg to the downside otherwise if we see a break to the upside as i marked on chart then we may be going and gonna try to test previous high so then oil maybe start establishing some kind of bottom for the possible continuation. so as I said if we push higher and then keep an eye 30 level after that is the 42.50 that is the key major level that been tested there many times that got broken lately , but that depends on how the opec meeting on Wednesday gonna give us a glimpse of what to happen for now the price is back above 200 moving average on 1 h time frame ,since the break below it never broke above it but now we saw that we had a break above it and correction and a continuation is on the way, so next move if we break higher keep an eye on 30 level.