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Trading in the financial sector has become challenging over the past few months. Sentiment has been influenced by a waning stimulus, high commodity prices, and an energy crisis that seems to be impacting Europe the most.

At the same time, Q3 earnings are now unfolding, and stock markets react positively. Both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq posted 4 consecutive days of gains as optimism is building up. Many companies still have to report on their earnings and whether or not these gains can be maintained will heavily depend on the figures, as well as on prospects for the following quarters.

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Financial markets remain volatile

Volatility could remain elevated over the upcoming weeks and months, as economic hardships are far from being over. GDP projections are revised downward all around the world, suggesting the weakening is global. In light of such occurrences, the question remains how retail CFD traders can adapt and even manage to thrive.

Rules-based trading approach

In order to achieve that, they need to have a rules-based approach and rely only on professional trading tools. Along the way, retail brokerages have gradually integrated new features, which enable their customers to trade using reliable data, but as technology continues to advance, new solutions are making their way to the retail trading sector.

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One of the brokerages making progress in this sphere is, a CFD broker regulated by CySEC, FCA, and FSCA, operating in the market for many years and currently serving more than 100,000 active customers. Constantly upgrading its offer, this brand has not neglected the importance of granting access to many trading tools – all for the sake of proper decision-making.

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The list includes indicators that can be found with competing brands and at the same time, some that are quite unique to this provider. TradingView, for example, is available with this broker, facilitating access to a wide range of technical and fundamental tools. It remains a popular charting solution, especially now that valuations are decoupled from fundamentals and traders rely more on technical analysis.

According to the account types offered to set up by, traders can choose between 4 solutions. Gold, Platinum, and Exclusive account holders benefit from the popular Trading Central tool. It is a leading investment research provider covering trends, pricing, and market history, relevant for markets such as stocks, indices, forex, commodities, and others.

It is available on’s WebTrader, and also on MetaTrader, compliant to leading market authorities, and offering invaluable access to online help from account management experts 24/5. Although some traders can make decisions on their own, these trading tools serve as additional guidelines. They can use them to enrich their analysis process and filter out all the noise in the market.

Trading remains a skill-based endeavor and only by using professional trading tools, can traders reach their goals in the long run. is one of the brands standing by customers, ensuring its platform’s users are well-equipped when they get involved in the markets.

Forex Alchemist FREE Download