MIEA 3 EA is a Multi-Currency Robot that can simultaneously trade up to nine currency pairs. Its trading is based on price action, candlestick analysis, and the correlation of different currency pairs. You can choose how many pairs you want to trade, manage different settings such as lot size and fixed lot, and set the TP and SL as percentages with the balance.

The MiEA 3 version is a legendary version, starting at 2000$, made a profit of +36 000$ on a live Forex account that was successfully withdrawn

What’s New in MiEA 3.1

In version 3.1, the entry is stabilized, now robot works as a scalping ea, with shorter goals. Controls are updated, bugs and errors are fixed. Added increase lot (can be turned off in the settings). The principle of profit-taking has been changed. The profit level in pips for each order is added to the settings. Settings for the current market. Reduced deposit burden.


The EA is installed in only one window of the EURUSD time frame M1. For stable operation, you need a deposit of $ 2,000 (preferably from $ 5,000) and a leverage of 1: 500. MiEA only works with quotes of 5 characters.


MiEA 3 EA -[ Cost $1250] – Free Full Version
EA -[ Cost $1250] – Free Full Version

MiEA 3 EA Results :

MiEA 3 EA -[ Cost $1250] – Free Full Version
MiEA 3 EA -[ Cost $1250] – Free Full Version
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