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Theorem EA V5 Analyzes the market and auto determines the entry levels supported the finding of price fluctuations in quiet periods. The direction of the trade is decided by the EA’s clever adaptive system which has a profit ratio of over %90.

The most powerful a part of the EA is that the Smart Auto-Close function that has been developed after a few years of market experience, it tracks TP/SL breakouts of the open trades and auto-closes them consistent with market conditions, this suggests that the TP/SL levels are dynamic and not static. Above this unique feature,

  • This EA has as well its static Stop Loss which is an extra precaution above the SmartClose feature.
  • The unique clever way the EA auto-manages your trades cuts drawdowns to the minimum enabling you to start out with a low balance like $50.
  • The EA has a minimum set of inputs for simplicity.
  • It is optimized to work with EURCHF USDCHF AUDUSD GBPCHF CHFJPY CADCHF


  • MagicNumber – Trades ID
  • Trade Comment – A comment for each trade
  • MaxSlippage – maximum allowed price slippage
  • MaxSpread – Maximum spread to allow trades
  • AggressiveMode – False “the smart close will close losing trades as an extra precaution”
  • True “Smart close feature will close winning trades” defined as Aggressive mode
  • Enable_Buy – Enable long trades
  • Algo1 – Algorithm 1 for long direction
  • Filter1 – Filter used to allow long trades
  • Enable_Sell – Enable short trades
  • Algo2 – Algorithm 2 for short direction
  • Filter2 – Filter 2 used to allow short trades
  • MoneyManagement – Use money management or fixed lot size
  • BalancePercentage – Risk percentage of your balance when using Money Management
  • FixedLotSize – Use fixed lot size
  • TakeProfitBuy – Take profit for Long trades
  • StopLossBuy – Stop loss for long direction
  • TakeProfitSell – Take profit for short trades
  • StopLossSell – Stop loss for short direction
  • TrailingStart – Trailing distance
  • TrailingStep – Trailing step
  • SmartAutoClose_Buy – Enables the smart AutoClose “Unique feature” for long trades
  • Algo3 – Algorithm 3 used for smart autoclose
  • Filter3 – Filter 3 used for smart autoclose
  • SmartAutoClose_Sell – Enables the smart AutoClose “Unique feature” for short trades
  • Algo4 – Algorithm 4 used for smart autoclose
  • Filter4 – Filter 4 used for smart autoclose
  • AutoGmt – computer time should be GMT UTC for this to work properly
  • ManualGmtOffset – Set the GMT offset of your broker manually if AutoGMT is not used
  • StartHour – Time to start trading
  • StartMinute – Minute to start trading
  • StopHour – Hour to stop trading
  • StopMinute – Minute to stop trading
  • EnableGui – Show information on the chart

This Ea has News WatchDog Filter and the Past News events are injected into the EA code for accurate backtest results.
In order for the “News WatchDog” to function, you should checkbox “Allow WebRequest” and add “” into your WebRequest URL list

Theorem EA V5

The default EA settings are for EURCHF M5

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Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download