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Multi-Chart-Sync (MCS)
Multi-Chart-Sync (MCS)


  1. Inputs
    *Sync turned ON or OFF by default.
    *Button location. Choose a nook of the chart to point out buttons.
  2. Multi-chart button
    *Opens 4 time frames, D1,H1,M15, and M5 and use the house windows with the MT4 terminal.
    *Maximizes this chart and closes different time-frames with the identical image.
  3. Sync button
    *permits/disables sync with the chart in focus
Multi-Chart-Sync (MCS)
Multi-Chart-Sync (MCS)

Set up

  1. Unrar and Save the MCS folder and every one of its contents int the ../MQL4/Indicators folder.
  2. Allow DLL imports
  3. Save your current template below a special title than “default”. Must Do This!
  4. Load MCS (both “protected” or regular however not each!) onto your default chart and save the template as “default”.


  1. Buttons not displaying up / not shifting on chart / not working: You could have an EA or IND working that’s deleting the buttons. First step is to run MCS on a transparent chart (no different IND working) to ascertain if the difficulty persists. There are someday bizarre points attributable to templates when saving/loading the template as a result of when the template saves it copies the chart objects to recreate them on the following load. This creates points for buttons since you can not create a button twice in this system. As how to repair this example you’ve got to to load the unique default template that you simply simply saved below a special title… or delete the “default” template. Drop MCS again thereon , and as soon as another time put it aside as default.
  2. Edited the trail to the BMP button so they’re not pulled from Images. There is no such thing as a want to maneuver the picture information. MAKE SURE to repeat the entire folder to Indicators.
  3. Added “protected” buttons that do not depend on MT4’s finicky conduct dealing with bmp photographs with buttons. Each choices can be found for testing… I have never personally skilled points with the bmp-buttons so I am hoping to discover a repair as a result of they give the impression of being so a lot better.
  4. Connected information up to date to 1.25
Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download