Trust is an essential element in the unpredictable and fast-paced world of trading. With thousands of prop trading firms around the world, traders need reliable and supportive FX trading platforms.

Funded Trading Plus (FT+) is one of the best funded trader programs available to traders interested in forex trading. The prop trading company provides traders with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes customer service, longevity in the market, sustainable pricing, and a commitment to reducing long-term risks for traders.

Let’s explore why Funded Trading Plus is the best prop firm available and what sets it apart from its competitors, making it the most trusted choice for all types of traders.

About Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is the best prop firm, providing trading capital to traders worldwide for over a decade. The FX trading platform was established by a diverse team wanting to empower traders. These founders gave traders the tools they needed to make their trading a success.

FT+ addresses the inequalities faced by retail traders. It grew out of Trade Room Plus, established in 2013 as the UK’s premier live trade room for retail traders.

The company removes the challenges of limited access to trading capital, allowing traders to prove themselves equally. FT+ collaborates with leading Wall Street and City of London trading experts, prop traders, brokers, and liquidity providers.

Funded Trading Plus is also committed to supporting and funding successful traders, whereas its competitors may prioritize their own interests over their traders’ success. This sets FT+ apart, making it one of the best funded trader programs in the world!

Longstanding Presence in the Market

Funded Trading Plus is the vision and expertise of its founders, Simon M, James F, and Michael C.

Simon M (CEO): Simon’s background as a former emergency services responder and later a full-time trader, coupled with his passion for mentoring others, laid the groundwork for FT+.
James F (COO): James’s technical prowess and expertise in data-driven solutions added a crucial layer of infrastructure and reliability to the platform.
Michael C (CMO): Michael’s experience navigating the financial crisis of 2008 fueled his determination to give traders the tools they need to take control of their financial future.

FT+ has been around since 2013, evolving and adapting over the years to meet the changing needs of traders, and their track record of success speaks for itself. Through market volatility and economic uncertainty, FT+ has supported its traders, providing them with the necessary tools and support to navigate challenging conditions.

Their commitment to their users’ success is evident in their longevity in the market. They have built a loyal customer base by providing transparent and fair trading conditions.

FT+’s experience in the trading industry has enabled them to develop an efficient and effective trading process that has benefited their traders over the years. They offer a range of cutting-edge trading tools and educational resources to help traders make successful trades and stay ahead of the curve.

Funded Trading Plus is the best funded trader program for traders looking for trustworthiness, stability, and reliability in an ever-changing market. Their longstanding presence in the market proves the prop trading company will be around for many years to come!

Funded Trading Plus payouts

Customer Service Excellence

FT+ is committed to offering exceptional customer service to traders. The FX trading platform values each trader with unique needs and goals, providing personalized support.

FT+ has a 24/7 support system in place to ensure speedy resolution of any issues or queries raised by traders. Therefore, traders can easily reach FT+ via email, live chat, or phone, and the customer service team is always ready to assist.

What else makes Funded Trading Plus the best prop firm? The answer to this question lies in the company’s commitment to excellence, which can be seen in the positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. With over 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot and a 4.8 rating, FT+ is an FX trading platform with world-class customer service, promising a 5-star experience!

Traders appreciate the prop trading company’s professionalism and willingness to help at every step of their trading journey. Such dedication to customer service sets FT+ apart in an industry where support can often be lacking.

Sustainable and Stable Pricing Model

Transparency is vital in pricing, and FT+ excels in this regard. Traders can trust that the pricing structures offered by FT+ are transparent, competitive, and reflective of a sustainable business model. Unlike platforms that may resort to hidden fees or sudden price hikes, FT+ maintains a transparent approach that leaves traders feeling confident.

FT+ offers a sustainable and stable pricing model that reduces long-term risks for traders. Unlike other prop trading companies that charge traders a monthly fee, FT+ only charges a one-time fee that covers the trader’s evaluation and a small profit share. This pricing model ensures that traders can focus on trading without worrying about excessive fees reducing their profits.

FT+ has four different programs available based on a trader’s experience level:

Experienced Trader Program

The Experienced Trader Program has a one-phase evaluation challenge. Once you pass this challenge, you receive an FT+ Trader account. On this account you can earn more profits by achieving certain performance milestones. The Experienced Trader Program’s profit-sharing model is based on an 80/20 simulation. Once you reach 20% simulated profit, you can receive a 90/10 split on any profits beyond that threshold. If you achieve 30% simulated profit, you can request a 100/0 split.

You can only withdraw simulated profits over $50 weekly. Additionally, there are limits to the amount of simulated losses you can incur. Your daily simulated losses should not exceed 4%, and your total maximum simulated loss should not exceed 6%.

Funded Trading Plus Experienced Trader Program

Starting at $119 for a $12,500 account size, traders can dip their toes in prop trading. Once they’ve gained experience, they can increase the account size to $200,000 for as little as $949.

Advanced Trader Program

The Advanced Trader Program offers a higher maximum simulated loss compared to the Experienced Trader Program. This means that you’ll have more flexibility as a customer. However, you’ll need to pass two evaluation phases to take advantage of these benefits. These stages help FT+ manage risk and ensure that successful traders have adequate funding.

Funded Trading Plus Advanced Trader Program

The Advanced Trader Program offers the same pricing model as the Experienced Trader Program.

Premium Trader Program

The Premium Trader Program also has a two-phase evaluation challenge. This program is specifically designed for Smart Money Traders and swing traders. It allows you to hold trades over the weekend without any mandatory stop losses. You can withdraw your profits after seven days and even compound your gains to scale your account further.

Funded Trading Plus Premium Trader Program

The Premium Trader Program starts at $247 for a $25,000 account size, reaching $1,097 for an account size of $200,000.

Master Trader Program

The Master Trader Program has the same profit-share model as the Experienced Trader Program. What makes it unique is there is no evolution phase.

Funded Trading Plus Master Trader Program

An account size of $5,000 costs $225, and you will pay $4,500 for a $100,000 account size.

Commitment to Risk Reduction

Risk is inevitable when it comes to forex trading. However, FT+ is committed to ensuring traders using the prop trading company’s platform manage and mitigate risk effectively.

Funded Trading Plus’s website offers a wide array of educational resources, risk management tools, and 24/7 support. In the long run, these resources provide traders with the knowledge and skills to protect their investments and reduce risk.

In addition, FT+ offers a simulated live account, which serves as a demo account. Traders can practice trading in simulated-live conditions, which helps them build confidence and get a feel for the market’s volatility.

FT+ prioritizes its users’ financial well-being and security by focusing on risk reduction. Traders can confidently trade knowing they can rely on FT+, the best prop firm!

Distinguishing FT+ from Competitors

Finding a trustworthy and reliable funded trading platform in today’s highly competitive marketplace can be daunting. However, FT+ is the best funded trader program, and it stands out from the rest due to its exceptional features and benefits. A few notable of them are are Relative Drawdown and No Time Evolution challenges.

When compared to other funded trading platforms, FT+ comes out on top in terms of its customer service, which is available 24/7. The FX trading platform also uses cutting-edge technology to ensure a reliable trading environment.

Compared to its competitors, FT+ has flexible funding options. The prop trading company provides multiple funded trader programs with varying capital levels and profit targets, catering to traders with different experience levels and risk levels.

Funded Trading Plus Compared to other Prop firms


Funded Trading Plus offers a comprehensive solution that addresses traders’ needs and concerns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, the FT+ best funded trader program has something to offer everyone.

If you are looking for a high-quality FX trading platform you can trust, FT+ is the way to go! Contact Funded Trading Plus for more information or to get started on your trading journey.