Forex Alchemist FREE Download

This Free Forex EA uses readings from 3 TimeFrames, 4 oscillators, and CURRENT volume from all these currencies to create CALCULATIONS for as many optimal entries WHEN THE EA IS USED IN AUTO Mode(which is the default).

As told above, the EA uses readings from all these currencies and searches to over 70 conditions based on 11 years of backtesting (yes, it is true) to produce positions. When positions are open, the EA uses three types of TP to close them plus two systems to reduce DD:

a.After a specific lot size set by the user, the EA will change the distance between the trades.

b. After a specific lot size set by the user, the EA will start OVERLAP closing THE POSITIONS(one losing with one winning).


EXCEPT for THE EAs inputs for TP, there is a hidden strategy (the second way of closing positions) based on HISTORICAL DATA, which is used to “avoid’ possible negative situations.


An extra strategy for more trades is used with the ”Aggressive” input. Set 1 to activate it(default) or set to 1000 to DE Activate it.

Forex Alchemist FREE Download

Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, Make yourself familiar and understand how Free Forex Robot works, then only use it in a real account.


  • Minimum account Balance of 1000$ Per Pair.
  • The EA MUST DEFINITELY be used in a GBPUSD chart.
    • After that based on the balance , you can use it as follow:
      • GBPUSD and EURJPY chart
  • Work Best on M5 or M15 Timeframe. (Work on any Timeframe).
  • To reach stable results, the Full & Semi Auto EA should run on a VPS with minimal network latency to the broker’s server. So we Recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • Low spreads + low commission + high quality execution are important when choosing a broker to trade. (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)

No Minimum Deposit
ECN Acount
No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500

  • Starting Lot –The Starting lot size of the auto mode.
  • Multiplier – The positions multiplier.
  • Max Lot – The max lot size of a position can have.
  • Stop Loss – The stop loss of the positions
  • Min Distance in pips between trades – the minimum distance in pips between the positions.
  • Max Sells – The max sells.
  • Max Buys – The max buys.
  • Min TP in money for the 1st position – The minimum take profit in money for the first position.(this means that if the entry is good,the take profit will be bigger.)
  • 1 way Min TP in money for more than 2 positions – As said above the EA uses a hidden way for emergency take profit and one more.This one.
  • Start overlap after this lot size – The EA will use the overlap closing(one winning with one loosing position,after the specific lot.
  • Change Distance after this lot size – The EA will change the distance between the new positions that it opens, AFTER the specific lot.
  • New Min Distance – The new distance between the positions.
Forex Alchemist FREE Download
Forex Alchemist FREE Download