In the fast-paced world of Forex trading, timing, precision, and ease of use are paramount. That’s where Dragon Scalper comes in, offering a cutting-edge trading solution that promises results and an ease of use that suits traders at all levels. With its robust features, backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee, 100% No repaint, and the best support in the industry, Dragon Scalper isn’t just another indicator; it’s your partner in the quest for trading excellence.

Key Features of Dragon Scalper

Designed for Every Trader

Dragon Scalper is your perfect companion, whether you’re just starting your trading journey or are a seasoned trader. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to MetaTrader can easily navigate, while its advanced algorithms provide the depth required by the most experienced traders.

Scanning Dashboard – Your Trading Compass

Imagine having a compass that always points to profit. Dragon Scalper’s Scanning Dashboard offers powerful BUY and SELL signals and displays price directions on all recommended pairs simultaneously. This allows you to switch between trades and make decisions with confidence easily.

Plug-and-Play Trading System

Say goodbye to complex setups. Dragon Scalper is your plug-and-play solution, ready to deliver your first signal within 10 minutes of installation. Simply download, install, and watch as it transforms your trading strategy.

Expertise You Can Trust

Dragon Scalper is the brainchild of a team with over 11 years of trading experience. We’re not just developers but traders, ensuring that every aspect of this Indicator is crafted with professionalism and industry knowledge.

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Forex Dragon Scalper System

Imagine the freedom of receiving timely trade signals, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. With the Dragon Scalper Notification System, this freedom is now a reality. Designed for traders who prefer to retain manual control while benefiting from advanced technology, our notification system seamlessly links the Indicator to your smartphone.

Real-Time Alerts on Your Platform

Dragon Scalper’s sophisticated pop-up alerts instantly display every vital trade signal on your MT4 platform. These alerts are not just notifications; they are your gateway to timely and profitable trades.

Instant Email Notifications

Whether away from your trading desk or engaged in other activities, Dragon Scalper ensures you’re always in the loop. Receive immediate email notifications that keep you connected to the market’s pulse, wherever you are.

Mobile Push Notifications

Dragon Scalper’s push notifications to your mobile device mean your trading moves with you. A beep on your phone is all it takes to keep you informed and ready to make your next big move in the market.

With Dragon Scalper’s notification system, you’re not just receiving alerts; you’re staying connected to the heartbeat of the Forex market.

Top Indicator of 2024: Real Results

Scanning Dashboard and Extra Signals

Dragon Scalper isn’t just about providing signals; it’s about offering a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate trading environment. This is where the Scanning Dashboard and Extra Signals feature come into play, revolutionizing how you trade.

Scanning Dashboard – Your Ultimate Trading Compass

The Scanning Dashboard is at the heart of the Dragon Scalper user experience. It simplifies decision-making by displaying the current trend directions on 12 recommended currency pairs. With an intuitive color-coded system:

  • DARK RED for a SELL trend
  • RED for a strong SELL trend
  • DARK GREEN for a BUY trend
  • GREEN for a strong BUY trend
  • WHITE for no clear trend, skip the trade

You can swiftly navigate through the options, making informed decisions with ease and precision.

Extra Signals – Maximizing Your Profit Potential

When it comes to trading, a strong trend is your most reliable ally. Dragon Scalper Extra Signals feature is designed to ensure you never miss out on these lucrative opportunities. When a strong trend is detected, the Indicator doesn’t just send out a signal; it sends out two, doubling your chances to capitalize on the trend. It’s not just about making profits; it’s about maximizing profit.

Dragon Scalper Manager: Automated Trading, Tailored to You

With Dragon Scalper Manager, trading becomes a breeze. This powerful feature transforms Indicator into a semi-automated or fully automated trading system, depending on your preference. Key features include:

Two Modes to Suit Your Trading Style

Whether you’re an active trader who likes to be involved with every click or someone who prefers to let the technology take the lead, Dragon Scalper Manager offers both Semi-EA and Auto Modes:

Semi-EA Mode for Enhanced Contro: Would you prefer a hands-on approach while retaining the benefits of automation? The Semi-EA mode is your answer. It presents a trading panel for each new signal, giving you the final say. Select your exit strategy, be it “TakeProfit Level,” “Opposite Signal,” or “Trailing Stop,” and let Dragon Scalper execute the rest. It’s the perfect blend of personal control and automated efficiency.

100% Automatic Mode for Ultimate Convenience: Embrace the pinnacle of trading ease with Dragon Scalper’s 100% Automatic Mode. Activate AutoMode and step into a world where your trading is entirely automated. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about optimizing every second of your trading day. While you focus on what matters most, Dragon Scalper diligently manages your trades, ensuring that opportunities are never missed and your trading strategy is flawlessly executed.

Dragon Scalper’s Two Modes of Management are not just features; they represent a new era of trading where efficiency, convenience, and personalization converge. Whether you’re a hands-on trader or someone who values utmost efficiency, This System caters to your unique trading style.

Learn How To Make Money

If you want to know how profitable Dragon Scalper can be for you – just watch this video!

Dragon Scalper is more than just an indicator; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your trading. With features like the Scanning Dashboard, Extra Signals, and the versatile Manager, you’re not just trading but setting yourself up for success. Supported by the industry’s best customer service and a solid money-back guarantee, Dragon Scalper isn’t just the smarter choice; it’s your best ally in Forex trading.

Embrace the power of Dragon Scalper and transform your trading today. With precision, ease, and a partner you can trust, the world of Forex is yours to conquer.

Available for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

14 days from the moment of the purchase.

No reason is needed; every request is granted.

100% of the money is paid back in the refund.

Our members know the quality of our products and trust us wholeheartedly – we know that. But we want each new member to feel safe and secure with their order!

That’s why we ensured you can try a lifetime version of Dragon Scalper 100% risk-free for 14 days! You can test it, record your results, and decide whether it suits you personally!

And if, for any reason whatsoever, you decide that This Indicator is not for you, all you need to do is send us an email – and we will give you your full payment back! No excuses, no delays, no hustle – just the best support in the field!

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