Sniper Trading System may be a momentum technique based on extra indicators as MACD Cloud that assist to purchasing and selling with the cloud and FX prime indi with contact line. The Golden line of the MACD cloud helps to interpret the event and breakout ranges.

Time-frame 15 min or greater.

Foreign money pairs majors and minors.

Within the folder there are three templates.

Meta trader Indicators setting

MACD 3D (5, 21,22, 50, 50).

Hama system.

XPS V.8 development bars (Xard 777 indicator).

FX Sniper Ma,

Worthwhile Strategy v.9.

Lukas Arrow and Curves

Touches line,

Fx Prime Remaining as filter.

Trading guidelines Sniper Trading System


Lukas arrows and curves purchase arrow.

MACD 3d above golden line.

Blue bar.

blue contact line.

Fx Prime ultimate blue coloration.


Lukas arrows and curves promote arrow.

MACD 3d under golden line.

Crimson bar

Crimson contact line.

Fx Prime ultimate purple coloration.

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