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Silver Trend Following Strategy is an MT5 Scalping Strategy that relies on two NON-Repainting indicators. It’s a strategy known for its fast trade execution and short holding periods, two precise indicators and a clear set of rules. This is where the Silver Trend Following Scalping Strategy shines, offering traders a systematic approach to making quick, trend-based trades with a high potential for profitability.

The strategy is built upon two main indicators that are key for identifying trading opportunities: the Silver Trend and a Star indicator. The Silver Trend indicator is configured to move very slowly, ensuring that it accurately captures the essence of the market trend without being swayed by minor fluctuations. This deliberate pacing allows traders to confirm the presence of a solid trend before making their move.

On the other hand, the Star indicator is set to react quickly, enabling traders to enter and exit trades at the most opportune moments. This combination of a slow-moving trend indicator with a fast timing indicator is what makes the Silver Trend Following Scalping Strategy uniquely effective.

This MT5 Trend Following Strategy can give you trading signals you can take as they are or add your additional chart analysis to filter the signals further, which is recommended. While traders of all experience levels can use this system, practicing trading on an MT4 demo account can be beneficial until you become consistent and confident enough to go live.

Silver Trend Strategy for MT5 FREE Download
Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

This MT5 Forex Strategy is entirely manual. The indicators produce the signals, but any decisions to enter the market and set protection or profitable exit stops will depend on the trader. Therefore, the trader must be familiar with the principles of risk and reward and use initial support and resistance areas to set entries and exits.

Silver Trend Strategy can be used on any Forex currency pair and other assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptos, precious metals, oil, gas, etc. You can also use it on any time frame that suits you best.

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Trading Rules for this Scalping Strategy

Remember to tighten your Stop Losses around High Impact News Releases or avoid trading at least 15 minutes before and after these events when using this MT5 Scalping Strategy.

As always, to achieve good results, remember about proper money management. To be a profitable trader, you must master discipline, emotions, and psychology. It is crucial to know when and when not to trade. Avoid trading during unfavorable times and market conditions like low volume/volatility, beyond major sessions, exotic currency pairs, wider spread, etc.

The strategy’s rules are straightforward, emphasizing quick entries and exits in line with the prevailing market trend. Here’s a breakdown of the key rules:

Buy Conditions

  • Silver Trend Indicator: Shows a green line, indicating an upward trend.
  • Pink Star Position: Appears below the candle, signaling an optimal entry point for a long position.

Sell Conditions

  • Silver Trend Indicator: Displays a red line, indicating a downward trend.
  • Pink Star Position: Appears above the candle, signaling an optimal entry point for a short position.

Exiting Positions

The strategy also includes clear guidelines for exiting positions, which is crucial for effectively locking in profits and managing risks. Traders are advised to place their initial stop loss just below or above the Silver Trend line, depending on the direction of their trade, or at the previous swing high/low. Positions should be exited when the Pink star changes direction or when the Silver Trend changes direction. However, to capitalize on fast profits, a stop-loss ratio ranging from 1.1 to 1:1.4 is recommended, varying with the market’s volatility.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

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Conclusion of Trend Following Strategy

The Silver Trend Following Scalping Strategy offers a compelling approach for traders aiming to thrive in the fast-paced environment of day trading. By combining the steady, reliable insights of the Silver Trend indicator with the quick reflexes of a Star indicator, this strategy allows traders to make swift, informed decisions. As with any trading strategy, success comes with practice, discipline, and a keen understanding of the market’s movements. Whether applied in its pure form or adapted to fit individual trading styles, the Trend Following Strategy is a valuable tool for those looking to harness the power of market trends.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download