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Forex trading can often be overwhelming due to the wide range of strategies available. However, the Trend Focus Forex trading strategy minimizes the notorious false signals typical of trend trading systems. This article will explore how this strategy combines moving averages, critical support, and resistance levels to secure profitable trades.

Strategy Overview

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Currency Pairs: Any

Timeframe: M15 and higher

Trading Time: Any

Risk Management: Limit risk to 2-5% of your deposit per trade.

Forex Trend Trading Strategy

Key Indicators Used

  1. Pivot Points Levels: Marks important support and resistance levels.
  2. Round Numbers: These act as psychological price levels that often become barriers in trading.
  3. Supply and Demand Zones: Identify areas of buying and selling pressure.
  4. Fractals: Helps to spot potential reversal points.
  5. Moving Averages: Uses 50 and 34 periods, close settings.
  6. Fan of Moving Averages: Provides a broader view of the trend.
  7. Woodie CCI: Confirms trend strength and momentum.

Installation of Indicators and Template

  1. Unpack the archive containing templates and indicators.
  2. Transfer the indicators to the MQL4/Indicators folder.
  3. Move the templates into the templates folder.
  4. Restart the MetaTrader 4 terminal to ensure changes take effect.
  5. Open the chart of the desired currency pair and apply the “Trend Focus” template.

Trading Signals

For a BUY Position:

  • The price should rebound from the support zone.
  • Ensure the price closes above the moving average fan.
  • Both the 34 and 50-period moving averages should turn green.
  • The Woodie CCI should be above zero with a green square on the histogram.
Forex Trend Trading

For a SELL Position:

  • The price should be rejected from the resistance zone.
  • Check that the price closes below the fan of moving averages.
  • Both the 34 and 50-period moving averages should turn red.
  • The Woodie CCI should be below zero with a red square on the histogram.
sell trade Forex Trend Trading Strategy

Managing Trades

Stop Loss and Take Profit:

  • Stop Loss: Set above or below the resistance or support zone relative to the last local high or low.
  • Take Profit: Position near the next Pivot level or before the next major support or resistance zone.

Recommendations Before Going Live

No Minimum Deposit
ECN Acount
No Commission

Min Deposit of 50$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:2000

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First, it is highly advised that the Trend Focus Forex trading strategy be tested on a demo account. This practice will help you familiarize yourself with the signals and the overall trading dynamics without risking real money.

Free Download Trend Focus Forex Trading Strategy

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

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The Trend Focus Forex trading strategy is a well-rounded system designed for traders who seek to capitalize on clear, defined market trends while effectively managing their risk. By adhering to the strategy’s guidelines and practicing diligent risk management, traders can enhance their trading performance and potentially increase their profitability in the forex market.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download