FTMO Passing EA is created based on the market structure and moving average strategy. You know structure and SMA are the most popular terms in the forex industry.

The possibility of passing the FTMO Challenge is very good with this forex robot. Before going to the real, please test this forex EA to demo and see the real results of this forex robot.


  • This EA is made for FTMO Funded Trader Program But it also work on normal forex accounts . (Learn how FTMO work HERE.)
  • Minimum balance of 1000$ stranded account 0.01 Lot size on H1 Timeframe
    • 10K FTMO 0.01 Lot size H1 Timeframe.
    • 50K FTMO 0.05 Lot size H1 Timeframe.
    • 100K FTMO 0.12 Lot size H1 Timeframe.
  • Work best on GBPUSD.(Work on any pair)
  • Recommend running FTMO Passing EA on a Reliable VPS.(Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)

This EA comes with two files one opens Buy and the other opens Sell, but once both are added to charts they operate as one, Open 2 charts of selected pair(same timeframe) and attach Buy EA to one chart and Sell EA to other chart.