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This Forex ICT indicator combines ICT and SMC into an AIO indicator with a dashboard featuring easy-to-use buttons to turn on or off specific functions or change settings.

The ICT (Inner Circle Trader) methodology stands out, offering a collection of strategies and concepts aimed at decoding the actions of major market participants. The ICT Indicator for MT4 represents a leap forward in this approach, combining the precision of ICT strategies with the analytical depth of SMC (Smart Money Concepts) to offer traders a comprehensive tool for navigating the forex market.

This encompasses a series of methodologies and strategies designed to understand the movements and decisions of big financial institutions, banks, and hedge funds—collectively known as ‘smart money.’ These entities play a significant role in dictating market directions, and by comprehending their movements, traders can make more informed decisions and potentially capitalize on market movements.

Both ICT and SMC are founded on the principle of deciphering the behaviors and movements of smart money. However, they diverge in their approach and methodologies:

  • Smart Money Concepts focuses on broader strategies, including market manipulation and the psychology behind smart money decisions. It aims to identify when these major players are accumulating or offloading assets, allowing traders to align their strategies accordingly.
  • Inner Circle Trader delves into more specific trading tools, techniques, and indicators, providing a detailed framework for understanding, predicting, and capitalizing on smart money movements.
Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

This Forex ICT isn’t a standalone trading indicator System. Still, it can be very useful for your trading as additional chart analysis, to find trade exit position(TP/SL), and more. While traders of all experience levels can use this system, practicing trading on an MT4 demo account can be beneficial until you become consistent and confident enough to go live. You can open a real or demo trading account with most Forex brokers.

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Indicators included in the ICT Indicator

1. Auto Order Block with Break of Structure (BoS)

The ICT Indicator automatically identifies order blocks and breaks of structure, pivotal elements in SMC trading. This feature aids traders in spotting potential reversal points and continuation patterns in the market.

2. Dashboard Controls

The indicator comes with a dashboard featuring buttons to quickly turn on or off specific functions or change settings without navigating through complicated menus. This design enhances usability and allows for rapid adjustments according to market conditions.

3. Multi-Time Frame Analysis

Traders can select higher time frame order blocks or points of interest (POIs) and fair value gaps (FVGs) or imbalances across multiple time frames. This functionality supports a broader market perspective, facilitating better-informed trading decisions.

4. Volume and Price Imbalances

The indicator identifies volume imbalances and gaps in the market, as well as equal highs/lows, enabling traders to recognize potential liquidity pools and price manipulation areas.

5. Liquidity and Market Highs/Lows

It monitors liquidity levels and records significant market highs and lows over various periods, including daily, weekly, and monthly. This information is crucial for understanding market sentiment and potential turning points.

6. Trading Sessions

The ICT Indicator outlines specific trading sessions—Asian, London, and New York—along with critical periods such as the Kill Zone and Silver Bullet. It also tracks the daily and weekly opens, which are essential for session-based trading strategies.

7. Alerts

Traders can set alerts for numerous market events, including break of structure, new order blocks, order block touches, FVG/imbalances, equal highs/lows, and liquidity touches. These alerts ensure traders don’t miss key trading opportunities even when not actively monitoring the charts.

… And more.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

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Conclusion of this Forex ICT

The Forex ICT Indicator for MT4 is a powerful tool that embodies the essence of Smart Money Concepts and Inner Circle trader. With its array of features, including auto Order Block detection with BoS, a user-friendly dashboard, multi-time frame analysis, and an extensive alerts system, it provides traders with the resources they need to navigate the Forex market confidently. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the Forex market

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download