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Traide Ringer is straightforward to line up. It takes trades in but 10 minutes. Preloaded settings are able to work. The proven logic determines the simplest entry and exit points.

An increasing amount of trading is completed within the Forex market is being performed by Expert Advisors, software that uses AI (AI). the utilization of that forex robot is proving, in many cases, to be more successful than simply manual trading alone.

Now you’ll use Expert Advisors in your forex trading. they’re not just a tool for giant financial institutions. Try one among our expert advisors on your own forex account and choose for yourself.


  • SIMPLE SETUP – Take trades in less than 10 minutes.
  • FULLY OPTIMIZED – Preloaded settings are ready to work.
  • PROVEN LOGIC – Determines the best entry and exit points.
  • Receive Accurate Wedge Alerts All Day Long and Enter the Trades You Want.
  • SIMPLE SETUP – Take trades in less than 10 minutes.
  • FULLY OPTIMIZED – Preloaded settings are ready to work
  • FAST TRADING – Many short trades with small profits

Drawdown may be a natural occurrence with any trading and will not cause unnecessary alarm. At an equivalent time, we would like to be responsible and make educated decisions that help avoid drawdown at the incorrect times.

Traide Ringer - [Cost $247] -For FREE
Traide Ringer – [Cost $247] -For FREE
  • Floating Drawdown Expectations:
  • .01 per 1,000$ (Recommended)
  • Floating Drawdown Expectation= 2-5%
  • Recommended Equity Protector= 20-25
  • .02 per 1000$ (Medium Risk) (Higher than Recommended)
  • Floating Drawdown Expectation= 3-8%
  • Recommended Equity Protector= 25-30
  • .04 per 1000$ (HIGH RISK) (Aggressive;Don’t Recommended unless account size is $3,000)
  • Floating Drawdown Expectation= 6-15%
  • Recommended Equity Protector= 30

Here are some factors that would cause unexpected drawdown

  • News Events = If the software is running during an Economic happening which will cause high volatility within the market place may result during a higher drawdown experience with the Traide Ringer Software.
  • Low Liquidity – When running the software during times of low liquidity; Bank Holidays, In between sessions and Fridays. this is often because with low liquidity there’s less volatility, which ends up in smaller movements within the market.

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Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download