If you are looking for the best forex swing trading indicator, mt4, that picks up most swing high and swing low points that you can use to swing trade, then this zigzag indicator mt4 should satisfy.

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What About The Default Forex Zigzag Indicator In Mt4?

You can also use the default forex zigzag indicator in mt4 as it pretty much does the same old thing, or you can also use this one attached here.

But if you place these two zigzag indicators side by side on the same chart, you will notice some small, subtle differences like this main one here:

  • Some chart swing lows/swing highs missed by one forex zigzag indicator mt4 will be captured by the other.

Does This Forex Swing Zigzag Indicator Repaint?

Short answer: yes.

It only repaints if a chart swing high/swing low point has not been completed yet. Once it is completed, it can’t repaint as now a new chart swing high/swing low is next to be made, and that’s the only thing that makes it repaint (when a new chart swing high or swing low is not yet established, the zigzag forex indicator will repaint).

The mt4 chart below explains this clearly:

forexcracked.com swing-zigzag-indicator-mt4-repainting

How To Trade Using This Forex ZigZag Indicator MT4

  1. You can use the forex zigzag high and lows to draw trendlines and price channels.
  2. You can use the forex zigzag highs and lows to place your stop loss behind them
  3. you can use the zigzag forex indicators high and low for your trailing stop your trades.
  4.  To identify major support and resistance levels, the zigzag forex indicators are high and low.
  5. Use the high and low zigzag indicators to place your take profit(TP) targets.

Here are a few chart examples of what we are talking about:

  • The chart below shows how easy it is to draw chart trendlines with this zigzag indicator. If you use the chart trendline trading strategy, this zigzag indicator comes in handy.
forexcracked.com how-to-trade-with-the-zigzag-indicator-mt4

Here’s another one:

The mt4 chart below shows how you can use the low of the zigzag indicator to place your trailing stop in a buy market trade and ride out the trend for maximum profit extraction.

Do the opposite for a sell entry trade (use the high of the zigzag indicator).

forexcracked.com how-to-use-zigzag-indicator-mt4-for-trailing-stops

Min Deposit of 1$
Allow Cent Acount
Levergae up to 1:3000

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500

Other Forex Trading Strategies To Use With MT4 Zigzag Indicator

You can use the below forex trading strategies with this mt4 zigzag indicator(Use website Search Option):

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  2. simple support and resistance forex trading strategy
  3. horizontal price channel forex trading strategy
  4. diagonal price channel forex trading strategy
  5. trendline retest forex trading strategy
  6. trendline breakout forex trading strategy
  7. head and shoulders mt4 chart pattern forex trading strategy
  8. support turned resistance forex trading strategy
  9. demark forex trading strategy
  10. resistance turned support forex trading strategy
  11. ross hook pattern forex trading strategy
  12. double bottom chart pattern forex trading strategy
  13. double top chart pattern forex trading strategy
  14. ascending triangle chart pattern forex trading strategy
  15. inverse head and shoulders mt4 chart pattern forex trading strategy
  16. 123 chart pattern forex trading strategy
  17. descending triangle chart pattern forex trading strategy
  18. bullish pennant chart pattern forex trading strategy
  19. bearish pennant chart pattern forex trading strategy
  20. pattern trader forex trading system

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