Propriety trading, or prop trading, can pressure traders with their strict time limits. This often increases a trader’s stress levels, leading to rushed decisions.

However, one of the most groundbreaking ideas in the industry is the no time limit evaluation program, which was introduced by Funded Trading Plus (FT+). Their no time limit challenges have redefined industry standards, offering traders flexibility and support on their trading journey.

This article will examine the concept of no time limit evaluation, how it started, its benefits to traders, and how it encourages best trading practices.

The Birth of the No Time Limit Prop Firm

Did you know that FT+ was the first prop firm to develop the no time limit evaluation? FT+ recognized the pressure traders faced with the strict time limits imposed by traditional prop trading firms. This led the no time limit prop firm to address the many issues that time limits presented by removing the time limit on trading accounts.

Since its inception, FT+ has embarked on a journey to ensure that the no time limit prop firm sets itself apart from its competitors. FT+ has empowered traders in their trading journey by doing this.

No Time Limit Evaluation Explained

The traditional prop trading evaluation process is rigorous and time-bound, which puts a lot of pressure on the traders. The no time limit challenges are a breath of fresh air in this regard. The program allows traders to take as much time as they need to prove their trading skills.

It’s a performance-based evaluation with no time limits. Traders can take it as many times as they want until they pass. Prop trading firms are now evaluating traders differently, thanks to this program.

The combination of trading flexibility and a risk management framework provides traders with the tools to navigate the financial markets safely and effectively. No time limit evaluations encourage disciplined trading practices and risk management, which ensure long-term success in prop trading.

Instant Funded Accounts: Master Accounts

In the realm of prop trading, instant funded accounts stand out as a transformative offering that amplifies the benefits of traditional funding approaches. Funded Trading Plus (FT+) has introduced what they call “Master Accounts,” a concept designed to bypass the conventional evaluation phases and provide traders with immediate trading capital. Here’s a concise overview of the benefits these accounts provide:

  • Immediate Profit Withdrawal: Traders can withdraw profits right from the start, offering instant gratification and motivation to continue successful trading strategies.
  • Accelerated Growth: Bypassing the evaluation phase allows traders to access significant capital immediately, speeding up their financial and professional growth in the trading industry.
  • Seamless Scaling: With substantial funds available from the outset, traders can scale their trading activities more effectively, taking advantage of market opportunities without delay.
  • Reduced Evaluation Stress: Eliminating the evaluation process reduces pressure, enabling traders to focus on developing and executing their trading strategies.
  • Psychological Advantage: The ability to immediately withdraw profits enhances traders’ confidence and decision-making, encouraging more assertive and profitable trades.
  • Flexible Trading Approach: Traders can adapt their strategies and risk management dynamically, responding to market conditions freely without the constraints imposed by an evaluation phase.
Funded Trading Plus Master Trader Program

Master Accounts represent a significant shift towards supporting traders with more flexibility and immediate opportunities for success.

About Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus has made a splash in the prop firm trading industry, especially at the forefront of the no time limit evaluation. With a range of trading programs for different trader experiences, the company has simple rules for traders.

For example, traders have no time limit to pass the evaluation but must place at least one simulated trade every 30 days on their account to keep it active. The same rule applies to prevent an evaluation from expiring.

Simple, relaxed rules allow traders to trade with the right amounts in their simulated accounts, reducing the pressure most prop traders feel. This also allows traders to maximize trading profits, improve their skills, and finetune their trading strategies.

FT+ offers various forex and CFD trading assets, such as:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Forex (major and minor currency pairs)
  • Metals like gold and silver

FT+ has an online trading platform with educational material for traders to continue learning. With its 24/7 support and 5-star promise, the prop firm, with no time limit, continues to be a strong force in the industry.

Funded Trading Plus, with its no time limit challenges, has paved the way for funded traders to become the best in their field, enhancing their financial goals and successes!

Impact on the Prop Trading Industry

The prop trading industry has recently changed significantly by introducing the no time limit evaluation. This new approach has been adopted by other firms, who are now following FT+’s innovative model. It marks a departure from the traditional industry standards and sets the stage for a new era of prop trading.

The future looks bright for prop traders. With the no time limit challenges, traders can expect more support, flexibility, and opportunities in the years to come.

Benefits of No Time Limit Evaluation

A no time limit prop firm like FT+ has several benefits for traders. Let’s consider the main benefits for traders:

  • The no time limit evaluation reduces the pressure on traders to perform within a set time frame, often leading to poor decision-making.
  • It provides a more realistic evaluation of trading skills, as traders can handle the evaluation process.
  • Traders have the flexibility to trade at the most favorable times to maximize profits. They are not restricted by strict trading schedules, which allows them to make the most of market conditions.
  • The programs increase traders’ opportunities to learn and improve their trading skills and strategies, as they can take the evaluation multiple times and learn from their mistakes.
  • A prop firm with no time limit evaluates traders based on long-term performance, emphasizing consistency, risk management, and profitability. This allows traders to showcase their skills without time pressure.
  • Traders have the freedom and flexibility to execute long-term trading strategies by trading at their own pace.
  • Traders can benefit from a no time limit prop firm by accessing more trading opportunities and diversifying across instruments and time frames.

Disadvantages of No Time Limit Evaluation

While the no time limit evaluation has several benefits, it also has disadvantages.

  • Lack of urgency: Without a time limit, traders may not feel a sense of urgency to perform and may not take the evaluation seriously.
  • Overtrading: Traders may be tempted to overtrade and take unnecessary risks to meet evaluation criteria, leading to losses.
  • Burnout: Traders may experience burnout due to the lack of a clear endpoint, leading to mental exhaustion and reduced performance.
  • Limited feedback: With no set time limit, traders may receive limited feedback on their trading performance, which can negatively impact their growth and learning.
  • Inconsistent evaluation standards: The lack of a time limit can make it challenging for prop trading firms to maintain consistent evaluation standards, resulting in confusion and frustration among traders.
  • Difficulty in self-discipline: Some traders may need pressure from time limits to maintain discipline.
  • Longer evaluation periods: Traders who don’t have time constraints may take longer to finish their evaluations. This could make it harder for them to reach the funded status and delay their entry into live trading.

FT+ offers traders support to overcome obstacles in the no time limit evaluation.

Encouraging Best Trading Practices

The no time limit evaluation encourages best trading practices in many ways.

  • It helps traders to manage risk better by allowing them to take their time before making a trade.
    It encourages traders to focus on their trading strategies rather than the time limit.
    It helps traders develop patience, a critical trait for successful trading.
  • The program has helped many traders to develop better trading practices, which have led to better results.

We can also consider how FT+ encourages best trading practices as a prop firm with no time limit.

FT+ developed the no time limit evaluation to help traders develop better trading strategies, manage risk more effectively, and cultivate discipline and patience. Unlike traditional evaluation programs with strict time limits, FT+ removes the time pressure and allows traders to focus on making decisions based on their analysis of the market trends.

In addition, FT+ encourages best trading practices by providing traders with access to a wide range of tools and resources. These tools, including market analysis software, trading simulators, and educational resources, are designed to help traders develop their skills and knowledge.

FT+ also provides a supportive trading community. By connecting traders from around the world and providing a platform to share insights and ideas, the no time limit prop firm helps traders learn from each other. This creates a continuous learning and improvement culture essential for success.

Examples of Successful No Time Limit Evaluations

Several traders have succeeded with the no time limit evaluation. Traders can access these success stories on the FT+ website.

An example of a success story is Rob Gee, who Funded Trading Plus interviewed. Rob Gee passed the evaluation in 61 days with an FT+ no time limit funded trading program.

He has a 48.28% win rate and focuses on closing losing trades before they impact his account. This flexible approach allowed him to refine his strategies and take breaks when needed.

As we can see, FT+ prioritizes traders’ success and provides a supportive environment!


FT+ pioneered the no time limit challenges, revolutionizing the prop trading industry by providing a more relaxed, performance-based evaluation process. This program has made trading easier and more successful by promoting good practices and supporting traders in their careers.

With its several benefits and massive impact on prop trading, the no time limit evaluation is a game-changer option that every trader should consider!

Funded Trading Plus CEO Simon Massey said, “We are not just a funded trading firm; we’re your partner in success.” FT+ is undoubtedly the best no time limit prop firm and should be considered by all prop traders.

Contact FT+ for more information on their range of no time limit challenges and get started on your journey to financial freedom!