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Top Bottom EA is a fully automated Robot work based on a volatility adaptive mechanism. This unique mechanism allows the EA to determine whether or not to place orders based on the prevailing market conditions. Consequently, there could be days without a single order or several orders within a day, making it a flexible tool in a trader’s arsenal.

Top Bottom EA stands out because it’s been used in real trading for over four years, showing remarkable consistency in its performance. Unlike many EA that use a martingale or grid strategy, showing a straight-line profit curve, the Top Bottom EA has a fluctuating profit curve. This up-and-down movement indicates a more natural profit growth, a healthier sign of an EA’s performance. The profit curve associated with martingale or grid strategies may appear attractive, but if you are not careful, it can wipe out your account balance.

A standout feature of the Top Bottom EA is its prudent risk management. Even with a minimal starting amount of $20, it’s designed to safeguard your funds. It opens only one trade at a time, and each trade has a stop loss to prevent significant losses. On average, Top Bottom EA makes about four trades a week and doesn’t hold onto orders for more than 12 hours. This means it’s active but doesn’t take unnecessary risks by holding onto trades for too long.

Moreover, it steers clear of risky trading methods like martingale, Grid, and HFT, further underlining its commitment to maintaining a low-risk trading environment. Through these mechanisms, Top Bottom EA balances being active in the market and not taking unnecessary risks, epitomizing a well-rounded approach to risk management in trading.

Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, please familiarize yourself and understand how this Top Bottom Robot works, then only use it in a real account.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download

Recommendations for Top Bottom EA

  • Minimum account balance of 20$.
  • Work Best on GBPCAD, EURSGD, and GBPCHF. (Work on any currency pair)
  • It works best on M1. (Work on any TimeFrame)
  • This Top Bottom EA should work on VPS continuously to reach stable results. So we recommend running this MT4 EA Download on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • The EA is NOT sensitive to spread and slippage. But We advise using a good ECN broker (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)

No Minimum Deposit
ECN Acount
No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae up to 1:500

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Input Parameters
TopBottomEA FREE Download
  • Lots – Number of lots
  • Compound Interest Switch – turn on and off compound interest; default is off.
  • Risk – Compound interest position value; a higher number indicates a greater position.
  • Parameter Switching – When false, parameters are set automatically; when true, they’re adjustable (controls Volatility, StopLoss, Profit).
  • Volatility – Volatility parameter; higher value results in smaller order amount.
  • Stop Loss – Stop loss parameters.
  • Profit – Take profit parameters.
  • Spread Limit – Spread parameter; if platform spread exceeds this, it won’t work.
  • Display Switch – Data panel switch, closed by default.
  • Magic Number – Unique identifier for EA’s orders.
  • Comment Name – Customizable order comment.
Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download


In simple terms, Top Bottom EA is a smart and safe tool for traders. It makes well-thought-out trades, manages risks well, and can work even with a small starting amount. It’s a helpful companion for traders looking to make wise trading decisions without taking on too much risk.

Premium Scalper Indicator 2.0 FREE Download