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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) remains the platform of choice for many forex traders due to its powerful analytical capabilities and the ability to automate trading with Expert Advisors (EAs). However, the recent Terminal 1418 update has introduced compatibility issues, causing disruptions for users who rely on EAs. If your automated trading strategies have been affected, this guide provides a workaround by reverting your MT4 installation to an earlier version and disabling auto-updates.

Understanding the Impact of MT4 Terminal 1418 Update

The Terminal 1418 update brought significant changes that impacted the functionality of many EAs. These changes might include alterations in how MT4 processes commands, updates to security protocols, or other backend modifications. As a result, EAs designed for previous versions may no longer function as intended.

Steps to Revert to MT4 Terminal 1415 and Disable Auto-Updates

Step 1: Replacing Your Updated MT4 Version with Terminal 1415

  1. Download Terminal 1415: First, secure a copy of MT4 Terminal build 1415, which is known to be compatible with your EAs.
  2. Replace the Terminal.exe File: Access your MT4 installation directory, typically found at C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4. Replace the current terminal.exe file with the one from build 1415 by overwriting the existing file.

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Step 2: Disable Auto-Updates in MT4 Using My Lockbox

  1. Download and Install My Lockbox: Download the free version of My Lockbox from the official website. Install it on your computer.
  2. Clear the WebInstall Folder: Navigate to C:\ProgramData\MetaQuotes\WebInstall and delete all contents to remove any residual files that could trigger an update.
  3. Lock the WebInstall Folder: Using My Lockbox set a new lock targeting the WebInstall folder path. Once locked, this folder will be hidden from the system, preventing MT4 from executing updates.
Disable AutoUpdates in MT4 Using My Lockbox

Ensuring Continued Success with MT4 and EAs

  • Regular Backups: Back up your MT4 terminal and settings to safeguard your trading setup.
  • Stay Updated with EA Developers: Keep in touch with updates from your EA developers. They may release versions of their software that are compatible with newer MT4 builds.
  • Test Updates in a Separate Environment: Before applying new updates on your live trading platform, test them in a demo environment to ensure they do not disrupt your trading strategies.

Download Terminal MT4 1415

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By reverting to MT4 Terminal 1415 and turning off auto-updates, you can maintain the stability of your EAs and ensure uninterrupted trading operations. These steps help you manage the risks associated with software updates while continuing to benefit from the automation capabilities MT4 offers. Remember, even with these adjustments, it is crucial to remain vigilant and proactive in managing your trading software to adapt to new changes effectively.

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