Hedging Forex EA1 is a Time and Price based hedging Ea developed by “Samir Arman”. How Much Profit can you make monthly depend on your profit target, your lot size, and your risk value. Still, the developer claims it can profit around 70%(average) monthly

This is an outstanding and profitable EA in a market that is jumping up and down. However, it is very dangerous in a massive rally as the EA continues to open bigger and bigger positions, which could lead to massive drawdowns and possible losses. That said, if you have an account balance is big enough, I believe it could be safe even in a market that is rallying.

Hedging Forex EA1 needs a volatile market that is moving up and down to give you some decent profits. Nevertheless, I would definitely keep an eye on it to be on the safe side. Recommended testing it on a DEMO account before putting it on a Live account to get a better understanding of how the EA acts and reacts in specific markets.

  • Password -> Ignore it and leave it as it
  • Lot1 -> Manual Lot Size
  • Auto_Lot -> Set true to calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences automatically. Set False if you want to use manual lot size.
  • Max_Risk -> Max Risk as a percentage of Equity, the greater this percentage is, the greater the lot size. Only work if Auto_Lot is True.
  • Take_Profit -> Take Profit in points adjusted for 30 or 20 Digits brokers.
  • Stop_Loss -> Stop Loss in points adjusted for 50 or 30 Digits brokers. The developer recommends not to use it(leave it 0).
  • Start_Time -> Start Time in GMT time. Hedging Forex EA1 starting Time.
  • End_Time -> Ending Time in GMT time. EA Ending Time.
  • Continuous_trading -> =true Keep working nonstop = false The Expert is deleted from the chart after the total Profit of the transactions.
  • Magic_Number -> EA Magic Number


  • Work Best On EURUSD  GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF AUDUSD EURJPY USDCAD.(Still, EA technically works on any currency pair)
  • Minimum Deposit of 1000 for default settings or matching Mini/Cent account
  • Time Frame: 5M
  • Low spread broker recommended. (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)
  • Reliable and Recommended FOREX VPS – FXVM
  • Hedging Forex EA1 for free Download Forexcracked.com
  • Hedging Forex EA1 for free Download Forexcracked.com
  • Hedging Forex EA1 for free Download Forexcracked.com